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Universal Fuel Level Sender

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Universal Fuel Level Sender | TBS-d44f432bf5

Float-style fuel level sending units with standard SAE 5-bolt mounting pattern. Easy to install using the supplied hardware and Deutsch connectors (gauge not included). Fits most fuel cells and extensively used with the Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank. This rugged design features a FR4 conformal-coated PCB, epoxy potted electrical terminals, and an anodized surface finish making it suitable for use with gasoline, diesel, and all alcohol based fuels including methanol, ethanol, E85, etc.
Made here in Portland, USA.

-Resistance: 0 ohms empty to 90 ohms full. This 0-90 ohm range is common with many aftermarket gauges.
-Radium does not sell fuel level gauges, but a popular option is this Autometer Fuel Level Gauge
-To test the sender, measure the resistance between the two wires while tipping the sender to allow the float to move.
-Fuel level senders carry a 1 year warranty through Radium Engineering.


The level sender has a resistance output curve as shown below and can be summarized as "0 ohms empty, 90 ohms full". This is a standard ohm range that is popular in the aftermarket.

NOTE: If the resistance output of the sender is not what is needed by your OEM fuel level gauge, consider a resitance converter, FOUND HERE
(Radium Engineering does have experience with this product. Contact the manufacturer for details and questions about using it for your application.)

When mounted properly, the gasket seal will withstand an internal tank pressure of over 6psi conforming to SAE J1810.
-Level Sensing Probe

-SAE 5-Bolt Gasket
-Stainless Bolts 10-32 (x5)
-Nylon Sealing Washers (x5)
-Deutsch DT 2P Connector
-Deutsch DT Sockets (x2)
20-0439 12AN ORB to 5-Bolt SAE Adapter
This adapter is commonly used with old FCST units (20-014X-XX) which had a small vent. It converts the fuel level flange to a large 12AN ORB vent.

NOTE: a fuel level sender cannot be used with this adapter in place.

20-0146 Fuel Level Sender Block-Off
This block-off plate kit is used when the 5-bolt SAE flanged fuel level sensor is not used. This is extensively used for customers with the Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank but could be adapted to the following fuel cells: ATL, Fuel Safe, Pyrotect, Harmon, Jaz, Radium Engineering, etc. NOTE: Radium 20-049X-XX FCST does not require the sealing washers.

-Anodized 1/8" Aluminum Blank Plate

-5 Bolt Sending Unit Viton Gasket
-Stainless Steel 10-32 Threaded Bolts
-Nylon Sealing Washers

18-0020 Gasket, 5-Bolt Fuel Level Sender
This 5-bolt SAE pattern gasket is used for many fuel cell level senders. The 1/16" thick material is a premium quality variation of FKM Viton.


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