Remote Tuning FAQ

A combination of a free application Teamviewer which allows us to remote into your PC and logs from the Adaptronic Software Eugene. 

If you watch this instructional video on youtube it will walk you through the installation process - Teamviewer Install 

Here is the link directly to the TeamViewer Application download.

Go to the Adaptronic website - www.adaptronicecu.com  click on the downloads link in the top left corner of the browser. Click on the dark green button labeled EUGENE DOWNLOAD. Once the software is downloaded click on the executable and start the installation of the software. Note Eugene will start to update once the installation has been completed so give it a couple minutes to update to the latest version of the software automaticly. 

Click on the Home Tab in Eugene on the left hand side of the screen. Click on start logging on the right hand side of the screen. Depending on your screen sizing you may have to left click on the logging drop down arrow to see this menu. This will prompt you to save the file in a location. We suggest the desktop and create a folder specifically for the remote tuning process. Label the file to match roughly what was done during the log. Click save in the lower right hand corner of the screen. You will now see in the lower left hand side of the screen logging. Once you are done with your log click stop logging which is located directly under the start logging button.

Start Logging (Ctrl + L) - initiates the log session. Eugene creates two files, Adaptronic Log file (.alg) and a Comma-Separated Values file (.csv)

Stop Logging (Ctrl + K) - ends logging session

Watch a video of this on our youtube channel - Adaptronic Modular ECU How To Log

Google Drive - This is a free service provided by google. You will need to create a gmail account in order to use this service but that is also free. Here are the instructions how to use Google Drive. Once you have the file on google drive you will be able to share/copy the link and send it to service@tunedbyshawn.com

Confirm the PC is connected to the ECU by looking in the lower left hand corner of the Eugene software. Next left click on the Home tab located on the top left hand side of the screen. Left Click the Open ECU File. Go to the folder that the ECU file is saved on. We suggest putting all your ECU files in a folder on your desktop. Once the file is selected left click open in the lower right had corner of the screen. A Warning box will pop up left click yes to proceed. You will notice a writing settings progress bar in the lower left hand corner of the screen and once this is finished the engine can be started.

Watch a video of this on our youtube channel - Adaptronic Modular ECU How To Load a Basemap File