We are offering remote tuning on all Adaptronic Modular ECU's. Remote tuning is a good way for an individual to get their car tuned when there is not a specialist in your area or simply someone who doesn't know the product as well as we do. Remote tuning does require the car to be completely mechanically sound and the end user does need to have some ability to know when things do not feel or sound right. One needs to be able to verify timing on every coil before proceeding, especially for cars with direct fire or modified wiring harnesses. A compression test is also required. We are not responsible for ANY damages to the engine, car, etc. 

This service MIGHT NOT BE for everyone! If you do not feel comfortable being able to identify if there is a mechanical issue it would be best for you to seek a professional shop in your area in which we can still do the tuning with the shop operating your vehicle. 

In order to offer this remote tuning service all of these sensors are going to be required for tuning which are the following:

  • Wideband Sensor (connected via Serial or CAN to the ECU) 
  • Fuel pressure sensor
  • Ethanol Content sensor (if you are going to be using e85) 

We require these sensors so we can better identify if there is any type of issues that do not necessarily appear to be mechanical issues but would obviously cause a major issue when tuning at full power. 

Check out our FAQ page for information on logging and loading a basemap.

Remote tuning services are non-refundable. No Prorating.