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Tuned By Shawn Ethanol Content Sensor (Flex-fuel)

If your looking to purchase an aftermarket Ethanol Content Sensor for flex Fuel this is what we recommend. These sensors have 3 wires going to them - 12V power, Sensor ground, and Signal Output. Sensor has Pin locations labeled on the sensor. Additionally these sensors not only read Ethanol content they also read fuel temperature.

What is included?

  • Ethanol Content Sensor 
  • Connector with associated pins 

Optional Upgrade:

  • 3/8 "GM Spring Lock" fittings to -6 AN male 

Adaptronic Users:

  • In the software Eugene with the basemap loaded Select the tab Inputs > Ethanol - Ethanol Source - Cas 3
  • In the software Eugene with the basemap loaded select the tab Inputs > Temperature Sensors - Fuel Temp Sensor - Sensor Type - From Flex Sensor
  • To activate the ethanol content adjustments go to the Tuning - Fuel tab > Select Fuel Map 1 Settings - Change the Stoich source to Flex Fuel (constant target lambda) (this enables the e0 and e85 correction tables for ignition/fuel, it also activates the e85 transient conditions) 
  • Please refer to the wiring guide located under the home tab in Eugene. You can access this by connecting to the ECU you have purchased or download the Eugene software along with the basemap provided for each ECU

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