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Submersible Rubber Fuel Hose

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Submersible Rubber Fuel Hose | TBS-a99c5ff5b3


This fluoroelastomer (FKM) rubber hose is found in many Radium fuel system products. It is designed specifically to handle gasoline, alcohol fuels (including E85), and diesel fuel in fully immersed, mobile, stationary, and marine applications. Unlike typical EFI hose, this is engineered for constant contact with liquid petroleum distillates on the inside and outside of this hose. It is excellent for fuel pumps mounted in gas tanks and has great flexibility to work with barbs and hose clamps.

The 7.5mm ID (inner diameter) hose is great for 5/16" barbs such as those found on Walbro 255 style fuel pumps. The outside diameter is 13.4 (+/-0.2mm).

The 8.5mm ID (inner diameter) hose is great for 3/8" barbs such as the Walbro F90000267 and F90000274 (E85) fuel pumps. The outside diameter is 13.8 (+/-0.2mm).

Compatible hose clamps can be found HERE. 

Meets or exceeds SAE J30R10 specifications. The maximum temperature is 302F (150C), working pressure is 300psi max, and burst pressure is 500psi. 


Enter the amount of feet required in the Quantity box. Please round to the nearest foot (decimals not allowed).
Units Conversion: 1ft = 12in = 30.5cm = 305mm

Quantity: 1, Radium will provide 1 foot of fuel hose in the size you have selected.
Quantity: 6, Radium will provide 6 feet of fuel hose in the size you have selected. 

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