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Mazda Rx8 Engine Swap Chassis Jumper DIY

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Mazda Rx8 Engine Swap Chassis Jumper DIY | Rx8CHASSIS

We are happy to release this Rx8 Swap Chassis Jumper to integrate a Haltech Engine management system into the Mazda Rx8 that allows all factory functions to work properly with the Haltech ECU. 

Chassis Functions: 

  • EFI Relay (Main Relay) 
  • Clutch Switch
  • Fuel Pump 
  • Brake Switch
  • Ignition 12v Key on Switched Power
  • Rx8 CAN L
  • Rx8 CAN H
  • Signal Ground
  • AC Activation Input
  • Accelerator Pedal Position
  • Starter Relay Negative
  • Cruise Control (can be used for Rolling Anti Lag)
  • Thermo fan 1 & 2
  • ECU Ground
  • Haltech CAN Ground
  • Haltech CAN 12V Power


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