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Rx8 Plug/Pin N Play Flex-Fuel / Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit

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Rx8 Plug/Pin N Play Flex-Fuel / Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit | Rx8-Flex-PSI

This is a Plug N Play/Pin Flex-Fuel / Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit. The fittings used in this kit are from Speedflow a premium fuel fitting manufacture from Australia. This kit is designed to drop right into your OEM fuel system no cutting or making of lines. 

What is included?

  • Tuned By Shawn Rx8 Plug N Pin Flex Fuel Sensor + male Weatherpack connector for the Power Wire. 
  • Tuned By Shawn Rx8 Plug N Play Fuel Pressure Sensor 
  • Premium SpeedFlow Fuel Fittings 

Adaptronic Users - Flex Fuel Sensor Instructions - Ethanol Sensor Install:

  •  The Flex Fuel Sensor behaves a little differently then other 3 wire sensors. It uses 12v switched power and chassis ground.
  • Pin Locations for flex fuel sensor  
    • 1A - Flex Fuel Sensor Input
    • Pull Pin 5AF and use that wire for 12V switched (can also be used to power a wideband like a LC-2)
    • Connect the ground to the ground location on the passenger side right next to the ECU enclosure. 
  • In Eugene under the Inputs tab select Ethanol - Make sure the Ethanol Source is set to CAS 3
  • In Eugene under the Tuning - Fuel tab Select Fuel MAP 1 Settings - Change the Stoich Source from Constant to Flex Fuel (Ethanol sensor required) Once this option is select it enables all of the flex fuel maps. Here is Andy's video on Flex Fuel.
  • Flex Fuel Sensor does more than read Ethanol content it also reads Fuel Temperature. In Eugene under the Inputs tab select Temperature Sensors - Select Fuel Temp Sensor - Change the Sensor Type to From Flex sensor.

Adaptronic Users - Fuel Pressure Sensor Instructions:

  • In the software Eugene with the basemap loaded Select the tab Inputs > Liquid Pressure Sensors - Oil Pressure Sensor, Fuel Pressure Sensor - change the "sensor type for external fuel sensor" to - 0.5 - 4.5v (150PSIg)
  • Change the Source from Default to Ch 4 - EMAP_ext
  • Go to the output tab, Then Fuel system under the Injection section, click on fuel system - Set the Fuel Pressure Modeling to Measured.
  • You will want to set your Nominal Fuel pressure to match what the Fuel pressure is reading. On Most Rx8s unless you have an aftermarket Regulator the pressure will be at 60psi,  We recommend using a base fuel pressure of 43.5 when the engine is running and no vacuum source to the regulator. (after this is set you will reconnect the vacuum source) (for end users that have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.)
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