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Phenolic Spacers and Washers

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Phenolic Spacers and Washers |


These press-fit spacers and washers are used with many Radium Engineering kits for thermally isolating the fuel rail from the engine. 

1. These are sold individually. Double check how many are required prior to purchasing.
2. Spacer height measurement does not include press-fit insert length. Example: total height for 14-0482 Phenolic Insulating Spacer, 11mm is 17.3mm.
4. Mounting hardware is not included. However, most bolts are common and can be sourced in local hardware stores.

Material: Phenolic Resin
Outer Diameter: 19mm
Inner Hole Diameter: 9.6mm
Press-Fit Outer Diameter: 14.2mm 
Press-Fit Insert Length: 6.4mm
Max Temperature: 265F
Tensile Strength: 17,000psi

Material: Phenolic Resin
Outer Diameter: 14.5mm
Inner Hole Diameter: 8.1mm
Washer Thickness: 1.3mm
Max Temperature: 265F
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