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Haltech ECU Mazda Rx8 Plug'n'Play

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Haltech ECU Mazda Rx8 Plug'n'Play | TBS-00313


We have developed this Plug n Play kit for the 2004-2008 Mazda Rx8 utilizing the Haltech Nexus R3 ECU. This kit is designed to fully control and integrate with the factory chassis. This kit allows the factory cluster, ABS, and Electronic powersteering to function. APV support, Rx8 OMP support allowing you full control of the 13B-MSP renesis engine. Full control of the injector staging. 


    Notable features:

    Nexus R3 combines the functionality of a power distribution module, a data logger, a wideband controller and a state-of-the art engine management system in one powerful device we call a VCU (Vehicle Control Unit).
    • 4 x 25A (continuous) push-pull PWM capable (5 kHz) outputs (for power to injectors / coils, transbrake, thermofan, fuel pump)
    • 8 x peak/hold injector drivers (can be used as low side drive outputs)
    • 8 x low current ignition outputs (can be used as low side drive outputs)
    • 6 x low side drive outputs, PWM capable (DPOs)
    • 6 x push-pull / h-bridge outputs (8A, PWM capable), eg for electronic throttle
    • 11 x 0-5V analog inputs with redundancy for electronic throttle and switchable 5V pullup
    • Trigger and home inputs with differential inputs, adjustable thresholds and glitch filters
    • 6 x synchronous pulsed inputs, zero crossing or adjustable thresholds - cam sensor inputs, frequency inputs or 0-5V analog inputs
    • 1 x on-board wideband controller, supporting NTK and LSU4.9
    • 1 x on-board 4 bar MAP sensor
    • 2 x CAN ports with switchable termination

    What is all included with purchase?:

    • ECU
    • USB ECU interface Cable (for tuning & changing settings)
    • Wideband sensor
    • 1GB USB thumb drive
    • Haltech Keychain
    • Haltech Stickers  
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