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Innovate Motorsports TC-4 PLUS EGT Module

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Innovate Motorsports TC-4 PLUS EGT Module | inn3915

The TC-4 PLUS is 4 channel type-K thermocouple amplifier device that can be used a stand-alone system or as part of a MTS (Modular Tuning System). The TC-4 PLUS includes a digital input/output, 4 full-programmable analog outputs

  • K-Type thermocouple amplifier that adds 4 temperature inputs to an MTS Log Chain
  • Temperature range 32-1999 deg F, 0- 1093 deg C
  • 4-Configurable linear 0-5V analog outputs (one per input)
  • The TC-4 PLUS can be used to measure other temperature metrics such as intercooler inlet, outlet temperature and catalytic converter

What is included?

  • TC-4 PLUS
  • Serial Program Cable
  • Molex to Molex Patch Cable
  • Manual

Adaptronic Users:

  • To connect your Innovate Motorsports TC-4 Plus EGT module to the ECU you will use the Molex to Molex Patch cable to go from the Out on the the TC-4 Plus to the IN S1 or S2 on the Adaptronic Modular ECU. 
  • To allow you to see your EGTs in the Eugene software you will go to Functions > Serial Comms - Serial IN 1 or 2 - Set the connection to Innovate - Type None, Number of MTXL, LC2 or LC1 connect to 0. If you are daisy chaining this unit through the Innovate MTX-L  plus wideband you will have this device be the end of the daisy chain and the out will go to the IN on the MTX-L wideband and then the out from the MTX-L wideband will go to IN S1 or S2 on the adaptronic Modular ECU and the Number of MTXL, LC2 or LC1 connect to 1.
  • The Gauge type in Eugene will be Serial EGT 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on what input on the TC-4 Plus you have the EGT sensor connected. 
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