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Inertia Switch Harness, Elise/Exige/211/Evora

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Inertia Switch Harness, Elise/Exige/211/Evora | RAD17-0007

This Inertia Switch Jumper Harness allows external fuel pump relays to easily be triggered without the need to cut into the factory harness. This signal is necessary for fuel surge tank pumps as they need to have all of the same functionality as the main tank's pump to properly work, such as key switch priming.

These same harnesses are found in our Lotus specific fuel surge tank installation kits. However, they can be used for all custom surge tank installations.

The inertia switch is located on the left side of the engine bay on the frame rail. Simply unplug the inertia switch and install this harness in between the factory harness and the inertia switch. Connect the included 1-pin weatherpack connector to the new fuel pump relay for an easy connection.

NOTE: This fuel pump trigger harness still uses the factory Lotus Inertia Switch. This is an important safety feature that cuts power to the fuel pump(s) if the vehicle were to be involved in a dangerous accident.

This part works with 2004-up Lotus Elise/Exige/211/Evora.

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