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Elite 2500 Ford Coyote 5.0 Late Cam SolenoidTerminated Harness

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Elite 2500 Ford Coyote 5.0 Late Cam Solenoid Terminated Harness By Haltech | HT-141384

SUITS: Late Style (Late 2013 onwards) Cam Solenoid - Large 4 keyed Bosch connector. Supports DBW and quad variable cam timing. WBC1/2 CAN O2 Wideband Controller ready (Controller and sensor(s) not included) Manual transmission only.
INCLUDES: Engine harness with fuse block, firewall grommet, pre-wired HPI8 15amp high power ignition module.
NOTES: Requires modification for fitment to supercharged Cobra Jet version. Ignition module is NOT included. Please order HT-020040 if required.


The fastest and most cost effective way to wire your race car or engine conversion!Simply connect a handful of labelled wires and this plug and Play product allows you to be up and running in just a few hours.
  • An efficient Haltech Plug'n'Play product that allows you to be up and running in just a few hours.
  • The quick start guide will walk you through installation of the Haltech Plug'n'Play harness into your vehicle.
  • The guide is accompanied by the full ECU manual and Software located on the USB key provided with the ECU to refer to while completing your installation and configuration.


  • On the ECU side the Terminated Engine Harness includes Haltech ECU connectors and an optional CAN Wideband connector.
  • On the engine side you'll find an array of fully terminated engine connectors and a group of unterminated in-cabin wires.
  • All the wires are clearly labelled eliminating any guesswork.
  • The harness includes a fuse box with five fuses and five relays.
  • The harness included a 2″ gromit to protect the harness as it passes through the firewall.

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