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Haltech UC-10 DIGITAL DASH | HT-tempsku

The Haltech uC-10 dash is a classic blend of technology and style. Its 10-inch display offers ample space to monitor critical vehicle data in real-time. The full-colour TFT screen is optically bonded, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight, and the sleek aluminium enclosure ensures it will look great in any vehicle.

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What’s in the box?

1 x Haltech uC-10 10” Colour Display Dash

3 x M5x8mm mounting screws

1 x Haltech fabric keytag

1 x 34P connector

1 x Haltech DTM4 to DTM4 CAN cable 3.0m (120”)

1 x OBDII to CAN cable 1.4m (55”)

2 x Momentary switches, pre-terminated 800mm 22AWG Cable

1 x Glass Mount Wi-Fi antenna

Haltech stickers


Key Features

Compatibility: The uC-10 is compatible with Haltech CAN, OBD2, and selected aftermarket ECU brands. It can also be wired in as a complete stand-alone unit. This versatility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles and setups.

The uC-10 offers plenty of scope for sensors and other inputs in a stand-alone configuration, or for use as an I/O expander in a Haltech environment.

  • User Definable I/O: 10 x AVIs, 4 x DPOs, 4 x SPIs.
  • Fixed I/O: 1 x Tacho Input and 1 x Alternator Excite.

On-Board Data Logging: The uC-10 comes equipped with 512MB of on-board looped data logging.

NSP compatible: The uC-10 will be compatible with our free NSP software, straight out of the box.

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