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Haltech - Mazda Rx8 K20/K24 Swap Rx8 Engine Harness

We have taken the time to re-engineer the common K20/K24 engine harnesses to work with the 2004-2008 Mazda Rx8 paired with the Haltech engine management systems to allow for a seemless chassis integration. 

Base price breakdown -

  • Factory harness repinned to Haltech Elite 1500 or 2500 engine managment system
  • Mazda Rx8 Chassis integration Jumper
  • Haltech CAN cable
  • Haltech Plug n Pin Kit 
  • Drive by wire extension 
  • Air temp sensor extension 
  • Reverse light harness extension
  • Retape / loom modified / repaired locations 

Extra Harness modificatons:

  • are any type of modification to the harness to add an additional sensors or functions. We will provide the connector kit included into this price. 


  • 2005-2006 Acura TSX Engine Harness  w/ charge harness - Manual or Automatic 
  • Mazda Rx8 engine harness 
  • These items will be shipped to us. 


  • We have choosen this specific engine harness for this swap as it provides the longest termination location out of all of the K20/K24 configurations. We also are trying to standarize these harnesses more so we can get the swap harness back to you in more of a timely maner. 
  • We seperate the TSX charge harness to retain the alternator control functions of the K series alternator - the Mazda Rx8 charge harness works for the starter and alternator posts along with the starter solenoid activation. 


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