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Fuel Surge Tank Install Kit, Lotus Elise/Exige 2ZZ-GE

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Fuel Surge Tank Install Kit, Lotus Elise/Exige 2ZZ-GE |

Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)

This comprehensive installation kit includes everything needed to install a Radium FST-R with a single 39mm fuel pump in a US Market 2ZZ-GE powered Lotus Elise/Exige. The kit locates the FST on the right hand side of the vehicle in either the engine bay near the alternator or in the trunk (see below for details). The kit was not designed to work with the Radium MPFST.

This kit is compliant to be used with all popular alcohol fuels including E85 as ALL factory fuel lines are replaced with high quality -6AN stainless steel wrapped PTFE hose that utilizes a black PCV cover to prevent abrasion.

It is also compatible with both the OEM fuel rail as well as a Radium Fuel Rail. ThE install kit is designed to be used with the Radium FST-R which has an integrated fuel pressure regulator built in. This means that no extarnal regulator needs to be purchased. For more information on the FST-R CLICK HERE. 


-Preassembled PTFE Hoses with -6AN Hose Ends 
-Radium Anodized Billet 6061 Aluminum Fuel Return Adapter
-Nickel Plated Frame Rail or Powder Coated Trunk Mounting Bracket
-OEM Style and -AN Adapter Fittings
-Stainless Steel Hardware
-Installation Instructions
-Complete Wiring Harness with Weather Sealed Relay and Fuse
-Plug N' Play Adapter Harness for Fuel Pump Activation Trigger
Here is a informative Radium Engineering video on how Fuel Surge Tanks work: 


Shown below is an 18 minute track session of our Lotus Elise without a fuel surge tank installed.


X Axis: Fuel Pressure above 1500RPM Note: Pressure SHOULD be ~47.5psi constant 


Kit Configuration 
There are 4 different kit configurations to choose from for the 2004+ Lotus 2ZZ-GE. They are split up into different models. The rare Lotus Cup cars (and 211) came from the factory with a large fuel filler hose. Thus, a large billet fuel filler apater is provided specifically for these cars. The Elise/Exige kits come with a smaller billet fuel filler adapter (shown below).

Also, there are 2 different mounting locations to choose. The Frame Rail Mount (shown below) was designed for 2004-up Lotus Elise/Exige models with a nonsupercharged 2ZZ-GE engine. This location is compatible with A/C equipped cars and is ideal if the clamshell is modular. However, for the OEM supercharged Elise/Exige, Lotus relocated the emissions charcoal canister to this area. The charcoal canister will have to be removed or relocated if this FST location is necessary. Note: Lotus Cup Cars do not use a charcoal canister so the Frame Rail Mount option is viable. 
The Trunk Mount location (shown below) was designed to work for ALL 2004+ Lotus Models. This location provides easy access and serviceability.


There are many fuel pump options (listed above) that can be chosen to be used with the FST-R to meet all Lotus application demands. This unprecedented fuel surge tank features an integrated fuel pressure regulator. It is ideal for the Lotus returnless fuel system as it simplifies plumbing.

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