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Fuel Rails, FR-S/BRZ/86

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Fuel Rails, FR-S/BRZ/86 | RAD20-0111-02

Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)



The fuel rail end ports are tapped for 8AN ORB and the center port is tapped for 6AN ORB.

6AN ORB Adapter Fittings can be found HERE.
8AN ORB Adapter Fittings can be found HERE.
8AN ORB Direct Mount Regulators can be found HERE.
8AN ORB Fuel Pulse Dampers can be found HERE.
Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapters can be found HERE.

Appropriate fittings must be selected based on the specific application. Ample space around the fuel rail port(s) is necessary for larger accessories such as fuel pressure regulators, fuel pressure gauges, and fuel pulse dampers. To verify clearance, the dimensional drawings on the product pages can be used as a reference guide.

The Radium Engineering fuel rails are designed for the engine found in the Subaru BRZ (FA20D), Scion FR-S (FU-GSE), and Toyota 86 (4U-GSE).


12-21 Toyota 86
12-20 Subaru BRZ
12-16 Scion FR-S

Manufactured with a large 0.69" internal bore, the fuel rail can support all necessary engine power requirements. The left/right rails are identical and feature anodized aluminum bodies and mounting brackets.


20-0111-02 Fuel Rail, FR-S/BRZ/86
Just fuel rails and mounting brackets. Fittings and adapters sold separately. This option is ideal for users wanting to do their own custom lines and plumbing.

20-0111-PK Fuel Rail Plumbing, FR-S/BRZ/86
The plumbing kit includes the items shown in the image below and allows easy hookup to the factory feed line. Has all the parts needed to complete the fuel rail installation. The PTFE hoses are resistant to all fuel types.

As a compliment, consider purchasing 20-0353 Radium ECU Mount. This prevents the need to cut the OEM steel ECU mount and permits easy access to the RH fuel rail.

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