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Fuel Pump Hanger, EVO X

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Fuel Pump Hanger, EVO X |

Click here to download installation instructions (PDF)

CLICK HERE for a third party installation video

Click here for the discontinued 20-031X-XX EVO X fuel hanger instructions

08-15 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

The new Radium Engineering fuel pump hanger for the Mitsubishi EVO X has been redesigned for improved fuel collection and easier installation. It completely replaces the factory in-tank fuel pump module and allows 1 or 2 aftermarket fuel pumps to be used. The OEM level sender, fuel temperature, and fuel tank pressure sensor are retained in order to maintain factory functionality. Please note that product may differ slightly from what is shown in photos and videos.

For a complete and comprehensive fuel delivery system for the EVO X, CLICK HERE.

-8AN ORB Female Pump-Out Port
-6AN ORB Female Return Port
-Collector Box with 1-Way Fill Valve
-Venturi Jet Pump Siphon
-Single Merged Fuel Pump Outlet
-High Current Electrical Connections
-Black Anodized Adapter Fittings
-Fuel Level and Temp Sensor Mount
-Twin Fuel Pump Compatibility 
-Stainless Hardware and Clamps
-Alternative Fuel Compatibility

For direct connection to the OEM fuel lines, adapter fittings (shown installed below) are included with all configurations.

The fuel hanger can also be used with the included 8AN and 6AN adapter fittings, shown below, for installing aftermarket -AN style hoses.
Radium Engineering recommends upgrading the feed and return lines when using multiple pumps.

NOTE: There is an OEM pressure sensor (Mitsubishi 8651A025) found on the top hat to meet North American emission standards. For international vehicles that did not come with this standard, 20-0421 EVO X FUEL TANK PRESSURE PLUG is required. 

The kit includes a 1-piece anodized aluminum collector box that makes installation a breeze and keeps fuel trapped around the pump inlet(s). As shown below, there is a 355 LPH 1-way fill valve incorporated in the bottom of the collector that allows fuel in, but not out. The collector box is constantly replenished with fuel returning from the pressure regulator.

1. The OEM venturi jet pump in the return line creates a restriction with the stock EVO X fuel pump module. 
2. Radium Engineering has redesigned the siphon system to eliminate this restriction but still effectively scavenges fuel. This means higher flowing pumps can safely be used without fuel pressure issues.
3. Depending on fuel pressure, the venturi jet pump will consume 15-45 LPH. Take this fuel loss into consideration when sizing the fuel pumps.
4. If it is important for fuel pressure to hold steady after the engine is shut down, install one of these CHECK VALVES somewhere in the fuel system.

For "Pumps Not Included" configurations:
-There will be enough components included with this option to use 1 or 2 fuel pumps. Depending on the setup, some parts will simply not be used.
-A pliable fuel pump filter sock like this HERE must be used for proper fitment.
For "Pumps Included" configurations:
-The unit will arrive ready to be dropped in with only minor assembly required. When the unit is purchased with 1 pump included, additional parts will be needed to install a second pump.

1. If a configuration with fuel pumps included is selected, the kit will come preassembled and 65 micron sock filters will be installed on the fuel pump inlets. 
2. This kit eliminates the OEM "post" fuel pump filter. A low-micron aftermarket fuel filter should be installed downstream to protect the injectors from debris.
3. The optional fuel plumbing kits listed below include a post-pump filter.

1. Single fuel pump installations can re-use the OEM fuel pump controller wiring.
2. Radium recommends upgrading the wiring to ensure the pumps are operating at their full potential.
3. Universal fuel pump wiring kits can be found HERE. Select one for each aftermarket pump used.


The feed kit provides a high-flow 8AN PTFE hose and fuel filter for a restriction-free fuel feed line (kit contents shown below). The engine must be equipped with a fuel rail that can accept an 8AN feed hose, such as this one.
Depending on the kit selected (-01,-03,-05), the fuel filter will be assembled with one of three different elements.
Which fuel filter option should I choose?

The kit includes a specially designed mounting bracket for the fuel filter which uses OEM mounting holes, so no drilling or chassis modifications are required for installation.

-Radium Engineering Filter (-01 Cellulose, -03 Stainless, -05 Microglass)
-Radium Engineering 8AN Adapter Fittings (x2)
-Radium Engineering 2-Piece 60mm Filter Clamp
-Radium Engineering Aluminum EVOX Filter Bracket
-8AN PTFE Fuel Feed Hose Replacement (x2)
-Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware

The fuel hanger return kit provides all of the necessary hose, fittings, and hardware to convert the OEM Evo X fuel feed line to be used as the return line. Exact contents of this kit are shown in the photo below. This is a method to replace the restrictive 1/4" (6.5mm) OEM return hose, critical for proper regulator function. In the engine bay, the -6AN PTFE return hose will attach directly to a Radium Direct Mount Regulator (Part number 20-0623-0X) when mounted in the top port of a Radium fuel rail. The two SAE quick connect fittings allow each end of the OEM feed line to be connected in an easy, leak-free manner to the rest of the kit.


-6AN PTFE Hose Replacement
-SAE Quick Disconnect Male Fittings (x2)
-Stainless Steel Cushion Clamp

Many vehicles outside of North America did not come standard with the OEM fuel tank pressure sensor. This part is necessary to plug the port hole on the fuel hat top. To secure, use the 2 button head bolts provided with the fuel pump hanger.

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