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Fuel Cell Mounting Accessories

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Fuel Cell Mounting Accessories |

Radium Engineering gasket for "industry standard" 6x10 inch (24-bolt) fuel cells. Unlike others constructed from cork or paper, this seal is die cut from a premium quality variation of FKM Viton.
The Radium gasket is 1/16" thick and reuseable. Compatible with the Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank.

Fuel cell 6x10 inch, 24-bolt weld flange. CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum and flycut to 0.24" thickness. Includes gasket.
Ideal for weldeing to aluminum tank. Welding must be done by an experienced welder who can prevent warping of the flange.

Holes are tapped for 1/4"-28 fasteners. Great for custom fuel cells. Compatible with the Radium Fuel Cell Surge Tank.

This nut ring is manufactured from 6061 aluminum and is anodized to permit all fuel types and to prevent corrosion. All threaded holes are tapped for 1/4"-28 using the industry standard 6x10 pattern. It was designed to bolt into Radium RA-series fuel cells but can work with others. Gasket not included.
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