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Fuel Cell Foam

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Fuel Cell Foam |

Mandated by the FiA, fuel cell foam is used both as an explosion suppressant as well as baffling. This reticulated foam is manufactured from polyurethane and meets MIL-DTL-83054C Type-II. At 15 pores per inch (nominal), it displaces only 0.07 gallons (or 9oz) of fuel per foam piece.

After every race season, inspect the condition of fuel cell foam and replace at least every 3 seasons. While it was designed for longevity in hydrocarbon fuels, Radium has also performed thorough testing with high content alcohol fuels (ethanol and methanol). These test have shown no signs of foam deterioration. However, it is advised to do more frequent inspections as alcohol could potentially shorten the foam life span. 

NOTE: All Radium Engineering fuel cells come preassembled with this exact foam.

-Limits fuel aeration for starvation protection insuring constant delivery to the pickup.
-Keeps weight transfer to a minimum during cornering, acceleration, and braking.
-Displaces fuel vapors, reducing explosion potential.

The is half a block of fuel cell foam that is used in Radium Engineering RA-Series fuel cells.

NOTE: Foam is inserted through the 6"x10" opening.

Fuel Cell: 6 Gallon Radium R06A
Quantity Required: 2
Modifications: Cut each end 4.95" shorter

Fuel Cell: 10 Gallon Radium R10A
Quantity Required: 2
Modifications: None

Fuel Cell: 15 Gallon Radium R15A
Quantity Required: 3
Modifications: Cut 1 piece in half longways

The is a universal block of fuel cell foam that can be custom fit in fuel surge tanks, OEM gas tanks, fabricated fuel tanks, etc.

12.5" x 7.0" x 4.7" (or 318mm x 178mm x 119mm)

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