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ECU Full Power Tune (1 fuel)

This Service is for calibration of your Adaptronic/Haltech ECUs Fuel/Ignition/Boost maps for full power. 

This service does have some limitations:

  • 15psi on pump gas fuel
  • 25psi on water/meth + pump gas fuel
  • 30psi on E85
  • 30psi on Race gas

What is included in this service:

  • 1 Hour of engine first start service
  • Confirming the appropriate basemap was loaded
  • Confirming your ECU has the most updated firmware
  • Confirming/Calibrating all sensors to confirm they are functioning correctly
  • Confirming/Setting the base fuel pressure
  • Troubleshooting first start problems - confirming rpm, spark, fuel 
  • Tuning the cranking maps to get that first start
  • Guiding you through confirming the base timing 
  • Tuning the VE table to your application at idle (essentially tune 1 of the 1-10 tune service - note if you purchase the 1-10 tune package this gets you a 11th tune)
  • 5-8 tune files before dyno
  • 3 hours of dyno time
  • 2-5 tune files after the dyno


*Note if dyno time takes more than 3 hours its $150.00 per hour 


The 5-8 files before the dyno are designed to create a decent basemap before the dyno and rule out any issues. If you car is having issues and falls outside of the 5-8 files it is $25.00 per file after the first 8.


Please download and fill out this form - Pre Dyno Tuning Checklist

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