ECU Full Power Tune (1 fuel)

This is an A-Z service that will walk you through the process of tuning you car with Haltech Engine Management Sytems! We take the time to setup the basemap with you live allowing us to not only cater the basemap specifically for your car it enables us to help you quickly identify any issues that may prevent the car from running properly. Once the car is ready to start driving that is when the logging process is started. The goal of the logs is to confirm the car is ready for the dyno which includes breaking-in a fresh engine and troubleshooting any issues that may prevent a successful dyno. During the logging process we will do a session or two to dial in the cold start and idle settings live. Now the car is ready for the dyno you will make arrangements with your local dyno facility for us to tune your car live on the dyno. After a successful dyno session we do like to see a log or two to make sure our calibrations from the dyno match the street along with any type of cleanup that may have been missed at the dyno.  

What is included in this service:

  • 1 Hour of engine first start service
  • Confirming the appropriate basemap was loaded
  • Confirming your ECU has the most updated firmware
  • Confirming/Calibrating all sensors to confirm they are functioning correctly
  • Confirming/Setting the base fuel pressure
  • Troubleshooting first start problems - confirming rpm, spark, fuel 
  • Tuning the cranking maps to get that first start
  • Guiding you through confirming the base timing 
  • Tuning the VE table to your application at idle 
  • 5-8 tune files before dyno
  • 3 hours of dyno time
  • 2-5 tune files after the dyno


*Note if dyno time takes more than 3 hours its $150.00 per hour 


The 5-8 files before the dyno are designed to create a decent basemap before the dyno and rule out any issues. If you car is having issues and falls outside of the 5-8 files it is $25.00 per file after the first 8.


Please help us help you by utilizing our schedule system - we start every full power tune package with our Engine First Start scheduling


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