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Direct Mount Filler Options

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Direct Mount Filler Options | TBS-c46c3cf1b7

The Radium Engineering fuel cell fill kits can be used on any cell that uses a 6-bolt 2.18" (55mm) bolt circle mounting flange. This bolt pattern is used on all Radium Engineering Fuel Cell Surge Tanks. Screw threads are the industry standard 1/4"-28.

See this blog article for more information on fuel cell filling.

20-0197-V Direct Mount Fill Neck and Cap

The 20-0197-V Direct Mount Fill Neck and Cap is perfect for filling directly into the fuel cell, as shown. This kit uses the 20-0148-V Fill Neck Cap (included) so filling is quick and simple.

-Machined and Anodized Aluminum Fill Neck
-Anodized and Laser Etched Aluminum Cap
-Viton Gasket Flange Seal
-Viton O-ring Cap Seal
-Stainless Steel Hardware

20-0495-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Direct Mount, Vented
Designed for direct mounting onto a fuel cell. For mating, a 6-bolt flange with a 2.18" PCD bolt circle (as found on the FCST) is required. Includes 20-0549-V Dry Break, 1.5in, Female, Vented as well as an aluminum housing, stainless steel hardware, and a gasket. The components, materials, and seals are compatible with all fuel types (unleaded and leaded gasoline, diesel, AV gas, methanol, ethanol, E15, E85, etc.).


Height: 3.43" (Dry Break to Gasket)
Mate: 20-0496 Dry Break, 1.5in, Male

20-0148-V Fill Neck Cap Only
This is replacement fill neck cap. Compatible with Radium Engineering 20-0197-V.


-Vented Fuel Fill Cap
-Roll Over Protection
-FKM Viton O-ring 
-Tether Hardware

20-0360 Filler Block-Off
This kit blocks off the filler hole on the Radium FCST units.


-Machined and Anodized Aluminum Blank Plate
-FKM Viton Gasket Flange Seal
-Stainless Steel Hardware

18-0019 Gasket, 6-Bolt Fill Neck, 2.18" BC
This gasket is used for Radium fuel cell fill necks. The 1/16" thick material is a premium quality variation of FKM Viton. It uses 6 equally-spaced holes with a 2.18" bolt center.


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