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BTI 52mm Adaptronic CAN Gauge

BTI 52mm CAN gauge with Adaptronic plug and play harness (depending on the model) 

This Gauge has 12 programmable screens that are capable of displaying more than 40 parameters.  Not only do you have the ability to see many parameters on one gauge, but this also means that you don not have to purchase  and wire in a bunch of additional sensors.

Several of the compound parameter screens include a Peak-Hold function that allows you to keep your eyes on the road.
The Boost screen shows the peak boost in between boost episodes.

This gauge includes an orange shift light that is programmable by gear.
Parameters available on Adaptronic ECU's: 
  • Lambda 1 / AFR 1
  • Lambda2 / AFR 2
  • Lambda 3 / AFR 3
  • Lambda4 / AFR 4
  • Lambda Target
  • AFR Target
  • Manifold Air Pressure (kPa or psi)
  • Fuel Pressure (kPa or psi)
  • Oil Pressure (kPa or psi)
  • Intake Air Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Coolant Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Engine Speed (RPM)
  • Ignition Timing
  • Battery Volts
  • Throttle percentage
  • Ethanol Content (%)
  • Vehicle Speed (KPH or MPH)
  • Individual Wheel Speed (KPH or MPH)
  • Calculated Gear
  • Exhaust Gas Temp 1 & 2  (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Barometric Pressure (kPa)
  • Fuel Trims 1 & 2 (long Term and Short Term %)
  • Turbo Timer (ignition status and time)
  • Engine Demand (%)
  • Acceleration / latitude & Longitude (SI or SAE)
  • Fuel Flow & Return (cc/min or g/h)
  • Nitrous Pressure 1-4 ( kPa or psi)
  • Injector 1 Pulse width (ms)
  • Engine Knock
  • Injector Duty Cycle (%)
  • Air Box Temp (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Oil Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Fuel Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Transmission Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Differential Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Turbo Speed (RPM)
  • Traction Control  Slip
  • Traction Control Differential

Adaptronic users:

  • Depending on what ECU you have there will be different connection options. Adaptronics CAN connections are pinned into the engine harness so we provide a Plug N Pin harness that is specifically for the Adaptronic ECU line up. 
  • To get the CAN output working connect to your ECU with Eugene. Go to the Functions tab, then under the Serial Comms section click on CAN 1 - Set the Bit Rate to 1 Mbps, If this is the only CAN device Select the Terminate Check Box. Set the Wideband Type to NONE (unless you have a CAN wideband) Then Set the Non-Adaptronic Output Mode to Haltech V2 (1Mbps) - Leave the Enable Adaptronic Output mode unchecked. 

  • Pairs very well with the new Adaptronic Wideband Module

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