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BTI 5" Dash Touch Screen Display

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BTI 5" Dash Touch Screen Display | DASH-5-HAL-PIN

This BTI Dash is available in both 5" and 7" touch screens.  These have an analog input for a fuel level sender, two inputs for turn signal indicators, two analog outputs for boost and traction control,  Two additional outputs for other options such as a line lock, nitrous purge, nitrous arm ect. There is a sensor for auto-dimming and new 4-led pre-shift and shift led array that is programmable by gear. 


Adaptronic users:

  • Depending on what ECU you have there will be different connection options. Adaptronics CAN connections are pinned into the engine harness so we provide a Plug N Pin harness that is specifically for the Adaptronic ECU line up. 
  • To get the CAN output working connect to your ECU with Eugene. Go to the Functions tab, then under the Serial Comms section click on CAN 1 - Set the Bit Rate to 1 Mbps, If this is the only CAN device Select the Terminate Check Box. Set the Wideband Type to NONE (unless you have a CAN wideband) Then Set the Non-Adaptronic Output Mode to Haltech V2 (1Mbps) - Leave the Enable Adaptronic Output mode unchecked. 
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