Adaptronic ECU Engine First Start Assistance 60 Minutes

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This service is designated for starting your car for the first time with the basemap that will be provided by me and/or located on the available basemaps on each product page. This service will insure the car will be ready to be tuned so you get the most out of any one of the tuning packages that are offered on this website. The service provided is done over an application called Teamviewer which allows us to remote into your windows based PC and manipulate the Adaptronic ECU Values live. 

  • Confirming the appropriate basemap was loaded
  • Confirming your ECU has the most updated firmware
  • Confirming/Calibrating all sensors to confirm they are functioning correctly
  • Confirming/Setting the base fuel pressure
  • Troubleshooting first start problems - confirming rpm, spark, fuel 
  • Tuning the cranking maps to get that first start
  • Guiding you through confirming the base timing 
  • Tuning the VE table to your application at idle (essentially tune 1 of the 1-10 tune service - note if you purchase the 1-10 tune package this gets you a 11th tune)


  1. High speed internet connection at the car (can be a hotspot)
  2. Windows Operating system PC
  3. Teamviewer application installed on your PC - Check out our FAQ section for instructions on how to install Teamviewer.
  4. All the necessary sensors required for the remote tuning services
  5. A timing light (depending on the car you may need more than one person

This service is paid by the hour and is not prorated - all applications are different some are more difficult to calibrate than others.