Tuned By Shawn S1 Rx8 Plug N Play 0-150PSIg Liquid Pressure Sensor

If you are looking for a simple way to interface a pressure sensor with your S1 Rx8  we have developed a Plug N Play pressure sensor. We designed this for its intention for fuel pressure but it can work for oil pressure if you choose.  

Size available:

  • 1/8" - 27 NPTF Innovative Motorsports

What is included?

  • 0-150PSIg pressure sensor
  • Plug N Play Jumper harness 48" long 

    Adaptronic Users:

    • In the software Eugene with the basemap loaded Select the tab Inputs > Liquid Pressure Sensors - Oil Pressure Sensor, Fuel Pressure Sensor - change the "sensor type for external fuel sensor" to - 0.5 - 4.5v (150PSIg)
    • Change the Source from Default to Ch 4 - EMAP_ext
    • Go to the output tab, Then Fuel system under the Injection section, click on fuel system - Set the Fuel Pressure Modeling to Measured.
    • You will want to set your Nominal Fuel pressure to match what the Fuel pressure is reading. On Most Rx8s unless you have an aftermarket Regulator the pressure will be at 60psi,  We recommend using a base fuel pressure of 43.5 when the engine is running and no vacuum source to the regulator. (after this is set you will reconnect the vacuum source) (for end users that have an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator.)

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