Gold Plug N Play Package (Advanced)

Tuned By Shawn is offering this Gold Plug N Play Package as the Advanced level package for remote tuning and you save money by buying it all at once. 

What this package includes: 

  • Plug N Play ECU of your choice ($1349.00 Value) 
  • Wideband (Adaptronic Lambda Module + Sensor) ($240.00 Value)
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor (Basic fuel pressure sensor + option to upgrade to Plug N Play for some models) ($105.00 Value)
  • Oil Pressure Sensor (Basic Oil Pressure Sensor) ($105.00 Value)
  • Flex-Fuel Sensor w/ Adapter Fittings (-6an fittings) ($141.00 Value)
  • BTI 52mm CAN Gauge ($375.00 Value)  
  • One Hour of Engine First start service ($65.00 Value)
  • Full Power Tuning package (Two Fuel) ($750.00 Value)
  • Facebook Portal Rental ($100.00 Value) 
  • Two Tuned By Shawn T-Shirts ($30.00  Value)
  • Four Tuned By Shawn Stickers ($12.00 Value) 
  • Free Continental Shipping ($25.00 Value)