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BMW E36 ECU Package

The Adaptronic Modular ECU BMW e36 Package was developed by us to provide a full standalone engine management solution. This all in one ECU package makes it convenient for you because it takes the research out of the build. No more guessing or trial and error. No more blowing up the forums with questions. We've done the testing, we know what works best to make your car reliable.  We take your OBDI/OBDII harness and re-pin it for an Adaptronic Modular ECU.  

Adaptronic has state of art safety features not able to be used on stock DME tuning. When we tune a vehicle we understand protecting your investment! All safety features will all be enabled from the get go in our tuning package to ensure your engine (and wallet) is safe from real world variables that happen far too often.

This package includes the following items:

Base Package

  • ECU (Adaptronic m2000) $1350.00 Value
  • Internal Wideband $240.00 Value
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor $105.00 Value
  • Coolant Temp Sensor $37.50 Value
  • Fast Acting Air Temp Sensor $37.50 Value
  • OBDI or OBDII Harness Re-Pin $275.00 Value
  • Audi R8 Coils $180.00 Value
  • Ignition Sub-Harness Re-Pin $60.00 Value
  • Resistor for TC Module Delete $10.00 Value
  • 1 hour of Engine first start service $65.00 Value
  • One Fuel Full Power Tuning package $500.00 Value

Optional Upgrades:

  • Flex-Fuel Sensor
  • Flex-Fuel Tune Package Upgrade
  • 3 port mac Valve
  • 4 bar external map sensor
  • Oil Pressure Sensor
  • BTI 52mm Multi-Display CAN Gauge
  • Adaptronic M6000 ECU
  • stock Ignition coils

This engine management has the following features:

  • Flex-Fuel (requires Flex-Fuel Sensor)
  • Boost by Ethanol (requires Flex-Fuel Sensor)
  • Boost control (requires 3 Port Mac Valve
  • Boost By Gear (requires 3 Port Mac Valve) 
  • Fuel Pressure Safety 
  • AFR Protection
  • Oil Pressure Safety (requires oil pressure sensor) 
  • Launch Control (requires a switch installed clutch or button) 
  • Vanos control 
  • Closed loop O2 Control 
  • Drive by wire (m6000 required + Drive By Wire Module) 
  • 4 wheel Traction control (M6000 required + Real-time Module + wheel speed sensors) 

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