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This module allows you to have 6 more outputs. Depending on the application you have will determine if you need this module. Running a V8 on a M2000 would be a good example for purchasing this unit to control the 6 wire stepper motor. 

  • 6 x Push-pull outputs (can drive high or low)
  • High side current limited to 1.2A
  • Low side current up to 4A continuous
  • Can be PWM but not engine synchronous
  • Voltage and current monitored

Once you install the module if you connect to the ecu via Eugene software on your PC you can go to the home tab then wiring guide and see the pin-out location for the 6 new Aux Outputs. Also if you go to the output tab then outputs you can assign the functions for the new outputs and in this location you can also see the pin locations. 

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