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Adaptronic S5 FC3S Mazda Rx7 Plug N Play ECU - eMod010

Adaptronic has developed a full standalone ecu for the S5 FC3S Mazda Rx7. This unit gives the end user to flexibility to control all attributes of the engine to maximize any performance upgrades.

Adaptronic has created a basemap this standalone. The Basemap is based on a stock Rx7 and mimics OEM horsepower. In order to maximize the full potential of the ECU tuning will be required. We offer remote tuning services and are well adept on the Rx7 platform. Check out the Remote Tuning Services section to see what we have to offer for tuning!

This unit has a large amount Inputs/Outputs giving it the ability to run just about any engine swap, (13b-REW, 20B, 26B, LS, 1/2jz, K20, SR20, RB)  making your swap integration with the OEM dash and other electronics seamless. Pins and connectors can be sourced at request.

All Adaptronic ECUs excluding the m1200 have module slots which is why they are called Modular. The S5 FC3S Mazda Plug N Play ecu has Two Module slots giving end users the ability to choose 2 extra features or some expandable I/O for their ECU.

Tuned By Shawn Perks:

  • Free Shipping in the lower 48 states ($19.99 Value) 
  • Free Megalogviewer HD Version ($39.99 Value) 


Recommended Sensors:

  • WideBand over Serial or CAN - Innovate, AEM, Haltech, Or pending Adaptronic Internal
  • Fuel Pressure Sensor - We offer a PNP Version 
  • Flex-Fuel Sensor (Only if you are using Ethanol) 
  • Fast Acting Air Temp Sensor
  • EGT Sensors - Innovate TC-4 or Haltech EGT Module


Notable features:

  • Fully configurable Fuel/Ignition maps
  • Engine Safety features (Fuel pressure, Oil Pressure, Boost pressure, Lean-Out)
  • Fully characterized OEM injectors Deadtime/Flow-rate (along with many aftermarket Injectors)
  • Flex-Fuel Sensor Integration (Ethanol adjustments for fuel/Ignition maps along with boost by ethanol map)
  • 8 injector outputs / 8 Ignition outputs (can run a V8 or 4 rotor Sequentially and direct fire, any unused injector/Ignition output can be used as a ground switch relay) 
  • Injection timing/staging adjustments 
  • Traction control ( Real-Time Module + Speed Sensors Required) 
  • Boost by gear
  • Launch control
  • Flat-Foot Shifting 
  • One CAN channels 
  • Two Small Module Slots (This allows for more I/O if needed - depending on the engine swap an output or real-time Module may be needed. Do not hesitate to email us at for any swap questions)
  • Closed loop fueling
  • Adaptive Fueling
  • Dual VVT, VTEC, MIVEC Engines. 
  • Built-In Scope
  • 32MB of Internal Logging Memory 


    What is all included with purchase?:

    • ECU
    • USB ECU interface Cable (for tuning & changing settings)
    • Vacuum hose
    • 1GB USB thumb drive
    • Beer Bottle Opener Key Chain
    • Adaptronic Stickers



    If a basemap is not shown or linked email us at and we can provide you a basemap.

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