Adaptronic ECU Tuning 1-10 File adjustments

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This service is for calibrating of your Adaptronic ECUs Fuel/Ignition/Boost maps.

This service assumes you have already:

  • loaded the correct basemap
  • confirmed all your sensors are working
  • set your base fuel pressure at 43.5
  • confirmed ignition timing
  • confirm the car is mechanical functional

We highly recommend the service we offer Adaptronic ECU Engine First Start Assistance to maximize your 1-10 file adjustments.

Note failure to do some of the steps listed could result in engine failure - No tuning will start until the confirmation of those steps have been completed. 

All applications are different so results may vary on how many files are needed to complete the full tune. Most individuals can expect the car to start/run/drive under normal driving conditions (0-3psi boost) 

This service is best for individuals who want to ensure their car is ready for the dyno. Most dyno operators charge per the hour and if your car is not ready or there is a mechanical problem you could potentially waste a significant amount of money. 

If you are looking for a full remote tune we have a product Full Remote Tune package for $500.00 which saves you $50.00

This service is not able to be prorated and there are no refunds but if you have left over tunes left you can use them at any time they do not expire. 

If there is a problem found during the tuning process all tuning will stop until the issue is resolved. If you require assistance in troubleshooting the issue this will fall under the Adaptronic ECU Engine First Start assistance 60 minutes product.

Check out our FAQ to learn about installing Eugene, loading basemaps, taking/send logs.