Adaptronic ECU Full Power Tune (2 fuel/flex-fuel)

This Service is for calibration of your Adaptronic ECUs Fuel/Ignition/Boost maps for full power use 2 fuels and or a flex fuel tune. 

This service assumes you have already:

  • loaded the correct basemap
  • confirmed all your sensors are working
  • set your base fuel pressure at 43.5
  • confirmed ignition timing
  • confirm the car is mechanical functional

We highly recommend the service we offer Adaptronic ECU Engine First Start Assistance to maximize your Adaptronic ECU Full Power Tune (2 fuel/flex-fuel).

Note failure to do some of the steps listed could result in engine failure - No tuning will start until the confirmation of those steps have been completed. 

This service does have some limitations:

  • 15psi on pump gas fuel
  • 25psi on water/meth + pump gas fuel
  • 30psi on E85
  • 30psi on Race gas

Most full power tunes are around 20 ECU files but this service has a limit of 35 ECU files 

If you are going to schedule dyno time most dyno tuning takes around 4 hours but schedule a 7 hour window for tuning. 

Any type of tuning that goes over 30 ECU files / 7 hours of dyno tuning the customer is subject to additional charges that will be discussed before proceeding. 

If there is a problem found during the tuning process all tuning will stop until the issue is resolved. If you require assistance in troubleshooting the issue this will fall under the Adaptronic ECU Engine First Start assistance 60 minutes product. 

Check out our FAQ to learn about installing Eugene, loading basemaps, taking/send logs.